‘Contextual’ – a new on-line poetry reading event!

Coverstory books is delighted to be launching ‘Contextual’, an on-line poetry reading which we hope will become a regular opportunity for poets to read their best work.

Each ‘Contextual’ session will have a headline poet who will read for c.20-30 minutes; they will then be followed by a small number of poets who will then read one of their own pieces. At then end of each event we hope to have enough time for at some discussion on the work that has been shared.

These are not ‘Open Mic’ events; specific poets will be invited to read in advance of each meeting.

Our first ‘Contextual’ is scheduled for Wednesday 24th November at 19:30 (UK time) and will run until 20:30-21:00. The readers are:

  • Simon French – who will read from “Joyriding Down Utopia Avenue”, published this year by Coverstory books

followed by:

  • Brian Clark
  • Ann Pelletier-Topping
  • David Punter
  • Graeme Ryan
  • Jenna Plewes

The meeting will be open around 19:15. On joining, all attendees’ microphones will be muted. At the end of the reading, those who would like to ask a question, make an observation etc. can request to have their microphone opened.

To get an invitation for the event please make your request by responding to this post with an appropriate comment.

If there are any teething troubles with this, our first ‘Contextual’, please bear with us!

To ensure you keep up-to-date with future Coverstory books’ events, please follow us at www.coverstorybooks.com.

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