‘Contextual: 8’ – Readers for our next event

Coverstory books is delighted to announce our eighth ‘Contextual’ poetry reading event to be held at the end of June: Wednesday 29th June, starts 1930 UK-time.

Here is a list of our readers for Contextual: 8. We are delighted to announce that our main reader will be Christina Buckton who will read from her new book Holding It Together.

Christina Buckton lives near Cambridge. After a long career she has returned to a childhood village – a rewilded garden along with a lurcher, one solitary surviving bantam, and a husband – the same one since 1960. Family of three sons long grown and flown, but along with five grandchildren they still feed the family appetite.

She has had various careers, with the BBC, London and Norfolk Education Authorities (head and education consultant), and as a counsellor and play therapist. After she retired she worked as an educational writer and more recently as a therapeutic men-tor. She has read poems all her life but has only started writing them in her eighties.

She won On the Buses awards at the Guernsey International Poetry competition in 2018, 2020 and 2021, and has poems published in various magazines and anthologies including The North, Brian Dempsey memorial anthology, New Contexts, Orbis, Stand, Dreich, Obsessed with Pipework, Fenland Journal, Suffolk Poetry Society, One Hand Clapping, Candlestick Press and Words for the Wild.

If you do not already have the Zoom details and would like an invitation to the event, please complete the form below.

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