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Welcome to Coverstory books! We are an embryonic UK-based indie publisher aiming to provide an additional channel for high-quality writing to successfully make the journey from manuscript to published work. There’s no feeling quite like holding your new book in your hands for the first time; a real book, your words, your name on the cover!


Being able to offer the opportunity to share that experience is one of the primary reasons for Coverstory books. A second reason is to provide a legitimate imprint for both current and future works by the founder of Coverstory books.



How does Coverstory books work? The premise is relatively simple. We handle the final formatting of your book – internally and externally – and deal with the submission to the ┬áprinter / distributor of your book. You just supply the manuscript.

Because there is a little cost involved to do so – and it really is a little cost – we may offer to work on a risk-and-reward basis: we share the cost of production, and share the benefits of sales. That puts the incentive on us to do a good job. If we select poor material or do a shoddy job in preparing the book, then it won’t sell and we lose out financially…

This approach means that we’ll need to be very selective in what we take on, and at least in the short-term will be volume constrained. But ultimately we’d like to be known for producing good quality material, every time. Hopefully your material!

Check-out ‘How we work‘ for detailed information on our processes.

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Who is behind Coverstory books? Since discovering the freedom of indie publishing, Ian Gouge has printed a number of works, primarily fiction in various formats as well as volumes of poetry.


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