Our Authors say…

We are proud to be able to promote Coverstory books via these testimonials from some of our authors.

“Having had two non-fiction books published – one a BBC publication – Coverstory books was an unknown for me. I needn’t have worried. The end product was better quality and the entire experience faster, friendlier and more efficient.

“The anthology I co-edited with Ian could easily have been nightmarish with so many contributors, but it was handled with such an impressive attention to detail that I was happy to leave production to Coverstory books.

“I had a second ‘wow’ when I saw it on the shelf in a local bookshop. You don’t want your book to stand out for the wrong reasons. In terms of design and quality plus a good first impression upon random page selection, it sat happily alongside some famous names.”

Brian Clark

“When Coverstory books offered to publish my book of poetry I wasn’t sure what to expect.  This was my first experience of someone turning my work into a book.  From my first communication with Coverstory books I had absolute confidence in the meticulous attention to detail and timeliness of meeting deadlines.  All my emails were responded to promptly and queries were considered and answered fully.   Suggestions for improving the layout were offered to me but left to me for the final decision.  The finished product is beautifully produced in clear type on good paper and the cover has a pleasing feel.”

Kate Swann

Coverstory books take away the anxiety for a budding or first-time author.  I received brilliant subjective support from an established writer whose personal experience offered total reassurance. The whole process was seamless from initial enquiry through to the finished product. I felt I was working with a close partner made me very proud of my book. Coverstory books cannot be faulted.”

David Smith

“Having not had a collection published before I was understandably anxious about the process. As a writer I wanted the best for my work and with no experience of being published it was, to say the least, daunting. However, the support and expertise from Ian was second-to-none and the journey, from submitting the first draft of the manuscript to receiving the finished article, was smooth, professional and without doubt, exciting. It was an absolute thrill to finally see my poems in print and when I held the finished item in my hand and realised its quality in terms of production, I was incredibly proud and glad I’d undertaken the journey with Coverstory books.”

Simon French

“I was very pleased with how smoothly the process of getting the text on the page was handled. As I have experience in publications, I know this is a detailed job and I had thought there might be challenges because of the particular format of a theatre script, but Ian handled it all very well. I chose to commission a cover design myself, and again the design was incorporated very smoothly. At the end of the process there were adjustments to make, to ensure the text was as readable as possible, the cover was the right colour and so on – and I was impressed by Ian’s commitment to get the book looking the best it could. I am delighted with the finished book. When the publication date arrived and I was able to go on to a major bookseller’s website and see my book there for sale, it was a huge thrill!”

Kate Miller

I am so pleased to have worked with Ian Gouge and Coverstory books. They have given me the opportunity to publish a first collection of poems Valley of the Kings in a fantastically collaborative way. Ian’s patience and understanding of how writing evolves into its final form is allied to his sheer care and professionalism. His communication throughout every stage of the process has been second to none and very reassuring. You will not find anyone more efficient or with closer attention to detail. Ian genuinely cares for the quality of every aspect of the final product and for the author’s experience of bringing new writing into the world: he goes above and beyond to work alongside the writer because creativity and quality personally matter to him. The turn-around from his initial acceptance of work to actual publication is genuinely thrilling. Coverstory books deliver the complete professional package and also has the infrastructure to promote its writers via online readings and a range of other publications so a new book can find its voice in a crowded marketplace.  

I cannot recommend Coverstory books highly enough.

Graeme Ryan