The poem about Anubis – Jakob Brønnum

The poem about Anubis - Jakob Brønnum

Anubis is the Greek name for an Egyptian god
the god of mummification, of death,
of the walkway across to the second floor
through all of the royal apartments
throughout the slow movement of Mahler's 5th
god of vomiting just before death
and of meltdown immediately after
god of cemeteries, and all history’s foggy, gothic necropolis trees
god of those who do not visit their father in the graveyard
god of those who burn their relatives for convenience’s sake
some would call him a dog head
but that could be to go too far (or not far enough)
Anubis is Anubis
the Egyptian god with the Greek name
covering the entire Mediterranean basin
with a strong stench, deeper than decay, fiercer
than ammoniac, more profound than the smell of bodily fever

Jakob Brønnum