Author profile: Richard Lister

Richard Lister’s poetry draws you into stories of intriguing people, places and cultures.  His recent collection ‘Edge and Cusp’ explores who we meet and what happens at life’s edges.  They show ‘linguistic virtuosity, range and emotional integrity’ and are ‘a movement of light amidst shadows’.

His work is published in a wide range of international publications including Orbis, Shooters Literary Magazine and Ekphrastic Review.  As a semi-abstract painter he is particularly chuffed that one of his poems is on audio display at the Watts Gallery.

Some of his poems are informed by his work with locals to tackle poverty in East Africa, South Asia and the UK.  He has lived in Cambodia during a civil war, in the jungles of Belize and in Malawi in Africa, as well as across England.  He is also one of a select group of people to have sunk a dragon boat in front of a Cambodian prince!