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Friendly and flexible Collaborative Publishing

Getting a book published has probably never been as competitive as it is today. With many thousands of authors seeking to get their work into print, navigating the traditional waters of finding an Agent willing to help you land a Publisher has probably never been so difficult.

Many people, seeking an alternative means of getting their words into print, have consequently turned to self-publishing. The majority of these may be satisfied by seeing their title jostling for recognition on a platform such as Amazon, unconcerned that the distribution of their book may go little further. They may also not be entirely cognisant that elements of the end product – such as the cover or the book’s internal layout – may betray the volume’s roots and potentially the author’s lack of technical expertise and experience. And make no mistake, book production is a technical business.

Now there is another option: Collaborative Publishing. This route-to-market combines all the flexibility and immediacy of self-publishing without sacrificing author control, offers a good quality, professional-looking end-product, plus automatic access to global distribution channels – and all at a great price point for the author. Because the publisher assumes a chunk of the risk.

This is where Coverstory books comes in. Over the last four-and-a-half years we have produced over 40 books – in both paperback and ebook formats – and in many cases we have used the Collaborative Publishing model to help talented writers get their work into print (just take a look at the Poetry section of our website for examples). Our service includes: an ISBN, composition, proofreading (as appropriate), cover design, copies of the final book lodged with the British Library and the other five Legal Deposit Libraries (Cambridge & Oxford Universities, the National Libraries of Scotland and Wales, and Trinity College Dublin), as well as availability globally via e-retailers and on order from bricks-and-mortar bookshops.

Collaborative Publishing is a great option for writers!

But then we would say that wouldn’t we? So don’t take our word for it. Take a look at the testimonials from some of our authors – and then ask yourself whether or not we can help you fulfil that long-held dream… Work with Coverstory books and get published!

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In addition to Collaborative Publishing, we can offer the following services, tailored to meet your needs:


Take advantage not only of our publishing know-how, but also the experience of Ian Gouge, Coverstory books‘ driving force and author of over twenty books.

We can offer reviewing and mentoring packages tailored to your needs.

Proofreading & editing

A good book starts with a good quality draft. Having published numerous books, we have sufficient experience to offer services relating to proofreading, editing and help with draft document production, again shaped to fit your unique needs.

Cover Design

Your cover is the shop window for your book – and most often where self-published books let themselves down.

Having designed virtually all the covers for our books, Coverstory books can help you with your cover.

Coverstory books takes away the anxiety for a budding or first-time author.  I received brilliant subjective support from an established writer whose personal experience offered total reassurance. The whole process was seamless from initial enquiry through to the finished product. I felt I was working with a close partner made me very proud of my book. Coverstory books cannot be faulted.”

David Smith – “Only Rumour Survives”

Ian joined us as our guest writer for our February retreat. It was clear that he had carefully thought out the creative exercises for the retreat and, although they were optional sessions for our writers, they were extremely popular. Ian also offered individual writing surgeries which the majority of the writers took part in on both full days. Ian has a calm and supportive approach, which gave writers the confidence to open up and talk about their work. As a business offering untutored retreats, we are always striving to offer added benefit to our visiting authors and Ian’s presence and sessions definitely added that.

Jan Birley – Writers’ Retreats UK

Let’s make something beautiful together.