Never Again – Jennifer A. Minotti

Never Again

I’ll never have my dad walk me down the aisle, nor kiss me on the forehead. I’ll never have my sister see me graduate. Not from high school, college or grad school. I’ll never have my brother-in-law answer the phone when I begged him to pick up after my grandmother died. I’ll never have my girlfriends choose me over the Aristocrat who they thought would help them jump social classes. I’ll never have my ex-boyfriend take back wanting to see if I was “the one” by sleeping with someone else (He did. I was.). I’ll never have legs without cellulite. Be a Christian. Have perky breasts without a bra. Never will I have another pregnancy. Or Lie (that’s a lie). Long gone are the years I starved myself to feel full. Never will I ever again say never.  

Jennifer A. Minotti