The Way Pierre Brunet Sculptured – Mervyn Seivwright

The Way Pierre Brunet Sculptured

a “Geek’s Palette,” a circuit board 
image of nature converging man’s tech- 

imprints stained in nature. I look across 
visible bridges of clouds, overpasses 

along the Rheinland-Pfalz 
mountain roads. A landscape 

clashing, combining, compromising
with ambient technological transitions.

The story of Don Quixote struggling 
against three-armed spiked giants,

grouped as herbivores grazing
on grass, fishing for birds flying 

unaware. Solar-panel herds 
are concave, farms against hills 

and mountain edges replacing food, 
reaping energy, shrouding against vineyards 

with silvery light. This modern clash 
for energy meant to connect 

rural families without presence of faces,
fighting not wanting to be left behind

the social network’s echoing thoughts, empty
truths, fake CNN and Fox News 

instead of the belief found in direct eyes 
with expressions, tears like early dew 

in lavender flowers, or a voice 
vibrating a warm embrace. 

Mervyn Seivwright