Author profile: Julia Usman

Julia was brought up on a farm in the North Riding of Yorkshire close to the Yorkshire Dales National Park where she lives at present.

Her love of English began as soon as she could read and write, and has been maintained throughout her life.  After gaining an MA in Victorian Literature from the University of Leeds she worked with disadvantaged youngsters and young offenders.

It is only since 2018, after selling the hotel she and her husband owned in Swaledale, that she began to seek out writing groups and explore her own poetry in greater depth.  She has written articles on the natural world and the customs and traditions of people living and working in farming.  Her farming heritage is never far removed from her poems and is often used as a platform to explore the complexities of relationships within the metaphor of changing landscapes, both external and internal.

Much travelled when her husband was in the UK military, in the last five years she has spent a great deal of time in the Middle East.

She is a member of several writing groups and has twice attended Ty Newydd, and a writing retreat on Iona, successfully publishing poems in numerous journals and anthologies in the last three years.

Her poems are sparse and clear allowing the reader to breath, ‘like daubs on canvas…leave you wanting more’ – Alison Lock.