Goodbyes – Polly East


There should be at least one good cry scene
preferably in bed, pre-dawn.  Hands
reaching out through darkness, spared only
by a light from someone else's window,
touching.  Fingers tracing skin as if to clasp
memories in their tips.  Eyes freezing images
on tomorrow's mind.  To be kept.
Promises should be made; all the usual avowals,
along with apologies for minor transgressions.
Tea drunk hastily.  Love made in one last
frantic bid – for good measure.
Figures should disappear round shady corners,
clutching cases. Stumbling.  Eyes should be
wet.  Vision blurred.
Last year you were missing someone else.
This year holds a whole new sorrow
Tidy away the scribbled notes
Take down the photo's – begin again. 

Polly East