Author profile: Brian Clark

Brian Clark was a reporter on weekly and daily newspapers, including the Express, Star and The Yorkshire Post before joining BBC TV where he worked on the production of outside broadcasts such as The Good Old Days and Jeux sans Frontières (Eurovision), and was a regular contributor to Radio Times. Subsequently, he joined Rothmans International as PR manager in sport and arts sponsorship, and was involved in golf, football and tennis events across Europe.

Some of his early poetry and writing was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and after some years as a freelance writer, including books published by Batsford and BBC Publications, he returned to writing poetry about ten years ago, then becoming The Poetry Society’s North Yorkshire Representative. His poems have been published in a wide range of literary journals and magazines in the UK, USA, France and Italy. He has been successful in many poetry competitions including a win at Ledbury and in the Poetry Society’s Stanza competition; in 2020 he was a winner in the Guernsey International, judged by Poet Laureate Simon Armitage.