“Tilt” – Ian Gouge

TiltIan Gouge

Take four strangers arriving in London on the same train one weekday morning, then follow them as their various endeavours sees them criss-cross the capital before they take the same service north later in the day.

Will the injured sportsman be given a clean bill of health – or will he leave the capital more uncertain of his future than ever?

Will the ambitious PA be successful in her interview – or find she is unable to free herself from the shackles of her past life?

Will the repentant brother be rewarded with the forgiveness of his siblings or a longed for reacquaintance with God?

Will the egotistical playwright rise above the disappointment of a commercial ‘flop’ to reaffirm his course to self-anointed greatness?

Or will the City – and Life – beat them all down, four characters struggling to defeat the insistent demands of living?

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