Publication and Promotion

As soon as your book is completed and we have reached the previously agreed release / publication date, our distributor will make your book available to multiple resellers around the world. For example, within 24-28 hours your book should be available for sale via Amazon and other on-line outlets.

At the same time, physical bookshops will be able to order copies of your book (at the pre-agreed discount rates) via the distributor’s portal which bookshops will almost certainly use.

It will also be possible to place an insert into the distributor’s quarterly industry new release catalogue. This will contain the basic details pertaining to your book. The release catalogue enjoys a widespread circulation (into the thousands of recipients). This catalogue advertising will be an additional charge agreed in advance.

In addition to lodging a copy of your book with The British Library, we will also arrange for an entry for your book to be raised in the Nielsen book catalogue. This is an industry-standard reference database.

Other than in exceptional cases, this will be the last involvement Coverstory books has in the publication and promotion of your book.

We can, of course, arrange for copies to be sent directly to you at any time to allow you to undertake your own promotional activities. These copies would be charged at cost (except for a small handling fee).