The Quote and Payment

Nearly there! We’ve arrived at a place where we like what you’ve written and you like Coverstory books – now it’s just a question of sealing the deal.

Our quote to you will be based on the following factors:

  • the size and format of your book
  • paperback or hardback (ebooks can be created later and our distributor bases the cost on a price-per-page model)
  • the quality of the submitted material (in terms of formatting etc.)
  • any need to have the book externally proofread
  • any additional costs we might have already uncovered and discussed with you e.g. using our distributor’s’ advertising channel or engaging a third party to produce a bespoke cover design (optional)
  • the number of initial copies you may wish to have sent directly to you (optional)
  • any financial contribution Coverstory books may make towards publication

In most cases we assume that there will be nothing exceptional about the size and format of your book, that it will be presented well with no spelling or grammatical errors, and that we can adopt a ‘standard’ approach to cover production.

There is also an obligation to lodge a copy of your book with The British Library and the five legal deposit libraries: the Bodlean, the University Library Cambridge, Trinity Library, the National Library of Scotland, and the National Library of Wales. We can take care of that for you too and will include it in our quote.

Our quote will also specify the final format of the book – page size, paper, binding etc. – and detail the component costs that combine to make the overall quote. Obviously there will have been some dialogue on these topics up to this point and/or it may be that we will need to cycle through two or three quotes until you are happy.

As an example, the two volumes of poetry we are publishing in July 2019 cost their poets c. £125.


Once you have indicated that you are happy with the proposal and timeline, we will ask you to make the payment to us via on-line banking / bank transfer into a specific UK bank account.

Once receipt of funds is confirmed, then we can move on to Set-up Work.


  1. If you ask to stop publication work once payment has been made, we will, from the payment already made, cover any costs Coverstory books has incurred thus far and return to you any uncommitted funds. We would undertake not to publish your work in the future in any format without your explicit permission.
  2. If you ask to stop publication work once payment has been made and there are insufficient funds in your payment to cover costs Coverstory books has already incurred, you thereby accept to forfeit your copyright for the book and Coverstory books reserves the right to continue with publication and to retain all royalties. In such cases, we would inform you of any funds shortfall in advance to allow you to avoid this situation (i.e. to revert to Note 1).
  3. If Coverstory books is unable, for whatever reason, to continue with the publication process, we will return all funds to you along with your material. We would undertake not to publish your work in the future in any format (unless you requested otherwise and we subsequently agreed).