The New Year starts here!

Forget 1st January; it’s only when the holidays end and people go back to work / school and the 9-to-5 starts in earnest that we truly get a sense of the New Year beginning. And with that, it already looks as if the first quarter is going to be very busy for Coverstory books!

What have we got on the stocks?

  • Two volumes of poetry which represent the debut collections of three poets (and which are likely to appear in March / April);
  • The third volume in the New Contexts series (submission closing date of 1st March);
  • The second in our Line Breaks on-line poetry anthologies (submission closing date of 28th February).

Then add into that mix our monthly Contextual poetry reading event (the next one will be on 26th January), plus preparations for some new books later in the year… Well, you can see how busy we are going to be!