New books for early 2021

In addition to the publication of "New Contexts: 1" on 1st January, Coverstory books is delighted to share news on the titles currently being planned for the first part of the new year. Firstly, two debut collections from UK-based poets: "She Who Sings Is Not Always Happy", by Julia Usman, a reflective collection of warm [...]

“New Contexts: 1” – early reviews

In advance of the publication of "New Contexts: 1" on the 1st January 2021, Coverstory books is delighted to be able to share some of the comments from early reviewers of the anthology: "wonderful""the anthology looks great""a very handsome publication""strong and wonderfully varied writing""a very good crop of writers""impressive""it looks superb" Please make a note [...]

New Contexts: submission update #3

New Contexts: submission update #3

After a strenuous selection process throughout October, we are making good progress in preparation for our publication of "New Contexts" in the new year. With all shortlisted submissions how verified, final preparations are now underway in advance of proof production in early December. Subject to signing that off, "New Contexts: 1" will be available from [...]