“A Pattern of Sorts”

Coverstory books is delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of "A Pattern of Sorts", a novel by Ian Gouge. We often encounter difficulty when trying to reconcile our memories of events with what actually happened. In the almost inevitable mis-match, our mind plays tricks on us, and what we have recently learned and how we [...]

Welcome to Coverstory books!

Welcome Welcome to Coverstory books! We are an embryonic UK-based indie publisher aiming to offer a channel for high-quality writing to make the journey from manuscript to published work. There's no feeling quite like holding your new book in your hands for the first time; a real book, your words, your name on the cover! [...]

Published today!

I am delighted to announce three new books for 2020, the first two of these released today, 1st February 2020! The third is published in a week's time. Liam is haunted by his age and the history it forces upon him. Yet he is also plagued by the need to make more - to generate [...]