Welcome to Coverstory books!

Welcome Welcome to Coverstory books! We are an embryonic UK-based indie publisher aiming to offer a channel for high-quality writing to make the journey from manuscript to published work. There's no feeling quite like holding your new book in your hands for the first time; a real book, your words, your name on the cover! [...]

Published today!

I am delighted to announce three new books for 2020, the first two of these released today, 1st February 2020! The third is published in a week's time. Liam is haunted by his age and the history it forces upon him. Yet he is also plagued by the need to make more - to generate [...]

New book – 1st January

Coverstory books is pleased to welcome "First-time Visions of Earth from Space" tomorrow, 1st January, 2019. What a great way to start the new year! This will be closely followed on 1st February by a new novel, "At Maunston Quay", and then before Easter a poetry anthology, "Oak Tree Alchemy". Hopefully signs for the start [...]

New titles published!

Coverstory books is pleased to be able to announce the following titles: "An Infinity of Mirrors" - publication date, 1st May 2018 Given his profession as a Historian, it was inevitable that Mark would find himself one day writing the biography of his late father, the acclaimed author Charles Packard. As his biographer, Mark is [...]

“An Infinity of Mirrors”

"An Infinity of Mirrors" is now published and available through your local bookshop (on order) and from on-line retailers such as Waterstones.com and Amazon. Don't be put off by any 'not in stock' messages; currently the book is printed on demand, so they can't have any in stock! "After the Rehearsals" and "Degrees of Separation" [...]