Acceptance in Principle

If we have reached this stage in the process, it means that:

  • you have submitted work to us
  • we have reviewed it
  • we would like to make you an offer with regard to the publication of your book

The Acceptance in Principle would typically take the following format:

  • an email confirming our proposal to publish
  • a reasonably firm timetable for doing so
  • any specific considerations / requests / constraints with respect to your potential book
  • initial thoughts on possible cover design

Dialogue on a number of these topics – e.g. cover design – would most likely continue through the set-up process.

It is highly likely that either at the same time as the Acceptance in Principle, or shortly afterwards, we would furnish you with The Quote for publication.


This acceptance is in no way a legally binding offer. Rather it is more an offer of working in partnership. At this stage – and at any point in the process up to the payment for production – either the author or Coverstory books can withdraw from the dialogue without material consequence.

If we have accepted your work in principle and you withdraw your material, Coverstory books undertakes to never publish you work in any format – unless, of course, you change you mind and come back to us with a subsequent request. Under these circumstances we would need to go through the whole process again – though it should be quicker to execute under these circumstances!