Expression of Interest

If we believe that your book may have potential and could be a good fit for Coverstory books, we will email you to that effect.

As part of that Expression of Interest we will specify:

  • the material from the book we would like you to submit for our review; this is likely to be a certain number of words / a whole or part-chapter / a number of pages of poetry etc. depending on what you have written
  • our timetable for reviewing that submission
  • an initial indication of the costs likely to be incurred for book production – and your potential share of those costs

It is possible that the expression of interest may highlight other options for consideration if we were to progress – such as the potential engagement (at extra cost) of a professional Proof-reader. Depending on your genre / material, we might also want to indicate other salient factors, such as the potential timescale for book production.

In any event, we will endeavour to make our Expression of Interest as informative and comprehensive as possible.

If you wish to carry on the dialogue with us, you would then move to Submission.