Initial query

Our process starts with an Initial Query from a prospective author. This query should be submitted via email or through the form provided on the Contact page.

At this stage, please do not send any material.

For the Initial Query, Coverstory books is interested in the following:

  • your name (obviously!)
  • an email address where we can contact you
  • the prospective title of your book
  • the genre of your book e.g. fiction, poetry
  • the length of your book (numbers of words for fiction; approximate number of pages for poetry)
  • when it was written
  • how you would describe your book in a single sentence
  • confirmation that your work is not currently being reviewed by any other publisher

We will respond to you based on the information provided – and will aim to respond within a few days at most.


  • must be written in English; no translations accepted
  • must be your own work (if it proves not to be, you agree to indemnify Coverstory books of any liability should legal proceedings arise as a consequence of plagiarism, breach of copyright etc.)
  • the body of the work must be text only, no pictures
  • subject matter:
    • fiction (from c. 50,000 words upwards), either a novel or potentially a collection of short stories)
    • poetry (from c. 70 pages upwards)
    • other than potentially business books on Leadership or Management, most likely no non-fiction – but don’t be afraid to ask!

If we are interested we will move on to the next stage, Expression of Interest.