As a Writer…

As a Writer there’s nothing quite like seeing your words coalesce, watching characters develop and take on a life of their own, or weaving meaning and narrative into a poem.

As an Editor and publisher there’s nothing like that frisson of excitement you get when someone submits a piece for a collection or asks you to read something. Until you open the document you have no idea what you are going to find…

I count myself incredibly lucky to have been involved with a great many talented Writers over the last four or five years – and fortunate that I have a number of ‘live’ projects which make the dreariness of a winter January more palatable:

  • a debut collection of truly imaginative poetry currently in the early stages of editing;
  • another upcoming debut from two poets I know well and respect enormously;
  • the third issue of New Contexts, which has already itself proven a well-loved anthology;
  • another issue of the on-line collection Line Breaks in early Spring.

In addition to all this there’s the Contextual series of poetry readings which seems to be tapping into a seam of demand, plus some other potential books for later in the year.

When you stop to think about it, isn’t all that quite wonderful?!