Upcoming publication opportunities

We are pleased to outline Coverstory books‘ current plans for publishing opportunities over the next few months. Excluding books where we are working with individual writers, the public timetable is currently envisaged as follows:

International Poetry competition

Currently open for submissions via Submittable; closing date 4th July [see here]

  • Submission period – May-June
  • Judging period – July
  • Winners announced – August

Line Breaks: 3

The third edition of our on-line poetry anthology. [see www.line-breaks.com]

  • Submission period – July
  • Selection period – August
  • Editing & production – September

New Contexts: 4

Our fourth anthology of contemporary poetry and short prose. [see New Contexts: 3 as an example]

  • Submission period – August-September
  • Selection period – October
  • Editing & production – November-December (early)

New short story anthology

This collection will feature prose pieces probably up to 5,000 words in length. Our first such anthology – Making Marks in the Sand – was published earlier this year.

  • Submission period – October-November
  • Selection period – December
  • Editing & production – January-February

All dates and periods will be confirmed via posts on this site – so please follow us to ensure you see these! – and all submissions will be managed through Submittable.