Now on to our first Contextual anniversary!

Yesterday evening we held our eleventh virtual poetry reading event. Eleventh! That’s quite remarkable given no-one knew how the fledgling idea would work out.

Well now we do!

Yesterday’s event was headlined by the winners and commended poets from our inaugural poetry competition held during the summer. And what a splendid event it was too! I am invariably struck by the quality of work read at these Contextual sessions, and the enthusiasm and commitment of both readers and attendees. And yesterday was one of the best.

For our next Contextual, I am thinking of adopting more of an ‘open mic’ approach, partly in celebration of completing twelve of these events, and partly to give as many people as possible the opportunity to contribute. I’m still working on the exact date for the session (I’m away when it would usually be held). As far as the format for the event is concerned and how to register to read, these details will also be published in the next few days. So watch this space!

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