“At Maunston Quay” – new edition published

Coverstory books is pleased to announce that we have just published a revised edition of At Maunston Quay by Ian Gouge. This new edition contains a small number of editorial improvements over the previous edition.

Life weaves its magic of triumphs and disappointments everywhere, and often those burdened with more than their fair share of tragedy can feel lost and alone.

Even in a quiet coastal backwater such as Maunston Quay, people like Lewis Airy struggle with their personal tragedies and grief. And when Anna arrives, evidently trying to come to terms with the cruel twist life has dealt her, she seems at first yet another individual to have found herself washed-up in the village.

But Anna proves to be more than that, and not only for herself.

Against all the odds, perhaps Maunston Quay is the kind of place to offer the second chances that give hope to everyone.