Contextual: 14 & Contextual: 15

Yesterday we held our first Contextual virtual poetry reading event of the year – the fourteenth in the series – and are pleased to report that we had twenty-four people attend the session! My thanks to all those who ‘Zoomed in’, and especially to our readers: Richard Lister, Graeme Ryan. Brian Docherty, Penny McCarthy and David Smith.

Contextual: 15 will be held on Thursday 23rd February @ 19:30 UK-time.

For the new year we are opening a fresh list for potential readers for Contextual across the twelve months, and we already have nearly 50 volunteers! Invitations to read at Contextual: 15 will be going out over the coming weekend.

If you would like to be considered as a reader at one of the 2023 Contextual events please let me know (if you’ve already expressed an interest you don’t need to do so again). Although priority will be given to regular Contextual attendees, poets published by Coverstory books (including in the New Contexts anthologies), and others with books recently published or in the pipeline, new readers are most welcome. Why not come along to listen an event first and try it on for size?

The default format will be as before: poetry only, one or two main readers, plus four-to-six others. Readers will be given a limit within which to work, either number of poems, time, or number of lines. I will try and make enough time for meaningful feedback – because that’s where the real value is…

If you would like to register to be a reader and/or request an invitation to the February event please complete the form below.

To ensure you keep up-to-date with future Coverstory books’ events, please follow us at

IT’S IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT SHARE THE INVITATION YOU RECEIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA e.g. on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.