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Although I have been writing for many years, I still suffer from that common complaint felt by all writers at one time or another - namely, the nagging uncertainty around the quality and relevance of their work. Being able to share my work via my personal site - and through my paperback and ebook publications - is therefore of tremendous importance to me. If you like anything you read here, please 'Share' it on your own social media streams. It's a great way to help me reach more people, and would really be appreciated. Of course, a simple 'Like' is just fine too! Thank you for spending some time with me.

Welcome to Coverstory books!

Welcome to Coverstory books! We are an embryonic UK-based indie publisher aiming to provide an additional channel for high-quality writing to successfully make the journey from manuscript to published work. There's no feeling quite like holding your new book in your hands for the first time; a real book, your words, your name on the ...